I know, I’ve been slacking yet again…but “unlimited data” isn’t really that unlimited. And cell service really isn’t as widely available as one might think. Nor are “lightning fast” connections. We have become so used to the 4G service and speed and full bars of service, that when you get to an area that has little, if any 4g, and you’re relegated to 3G or even LTE with 3 bars tops, it can be frustrating, because it’s moving so slow…and then add that you want to go do something or see something and want your post, etc to load quick so you can but the service isn’t there….well, do you sit and wait to go and do? Since I haven’t posted in almost a week, I think you can guess… It’s been a long break, and there’s lots to catch up on, so be prepared… don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!
Our remaining time in Centennial was, to say the least, wonderful. To say that that family has become more than just friends is an understatement. They opened their homes and their lives to us, and not for one second did we ever feel that we were those 4-day guests—the ones you wish would leave…and leaving wasn’t easy..
We spent our last Friday in Centennial waiting for the Fed Ex guy…yeah, it’s what every body does on vacation, no? Actually, if you’re waiting for something special…yeah, you wait for the FedEx guy to show up. Mark and I wracked our brains to come up with some payback for MaryaAnne and Bob’s hospitality at one of the best campgrounds ever—moochdocking in a friend’s driveway. And finally came upon it…and MaryAnne’s a New England girl….so we ordered up a bunch of live lobsters from a company in Maine that delivers them within 24 hours and had ourselves a lobster dinner Friday night, complete with less corn on the cob than planned (more on that later), and dripping butter, sitting out on their porch, overlooking the Rocky Mountains… When in Rome, I guess—A definite treat for sure.
And for the corn on the cob…well…Steven King wrote a book about “Children of the Corn”…he’s got nothing on us. AT ALL. While Mark and Bob were working on some stuff around the house, I went to King Sooper—their version of Publix, and picked up 8 ears of corn. Came back to the house, and shucked and cleaned all of it, so it was ready to go when we were to start dinner. 8 good size, plump, yummy looking, bright yellow, ultra fresh ears that had us thinking we could probably make a meal just out of the corn. Shucked, de-silked and just calling our name. You could almost taste it just looking at it. The lobsters were still in their Styrofoam box, sitting on the counter. The corn was on the kitchen counter, quietly calling our name every time we walked by… Time passed, and it was time to prepare…pots of water on the stove, heating up, table set, preparations being made…and then…Bob says “Did you put some of the corn in your RV? I thought there were 8 ears…and now there’s only 3…” Um, no….checked the fridge, nope, check the trash, just in case….nope…. We honestly thought someone was playing a trick on us….honestly. I knew I had bought 8 ears of corn…and I knew I had shucked 8 ears of corn. Yet there were only 3 ears….It was definitely like something out of a Steven King novel…totally unexplained as to where 5 full ears of corn could have possibly gone….there wasn’t any evidence of them anywhere—no chunks of cobs, no kernels. The darn ears of corn were NO WHERE to be found. So we took the remaining 3 ears, the ones that hadn’t grown legs, or learned how to “Houdini” themselves into oblivion, broke them in half, and cooked them with the lobsters and had ourselves a wonderful meal and just shrugged it off (even though it was still quite a conundrum as to where the other 5 had gone). Truly a mystery!
Saturday dawned early, as Mark, Bob, Bella and I were off to Georgetown CO to Guanella Pass to watch a really cool event. Bob’s godson Max is a skateboarder…but not the likes of which we’ve ever seen—this is hard core skateboarding also known as longboarding….down paved mountain passes with tight curves and switchbacks that even in the car would have me holding on tight. It was incredible to watch their skill and control and yes, wipeouts. We were situated at one of the final curves before the finish line, and it rained a bit, so the course was slick…and it was amazing to watch. A few times it almost made me think that we were being invaded by a bunch of “Darth Vaders” on skateboards—they’d come screaming down the hill and into the curve where we were in helmets and goggles and full, head to toe leather suits. Some would make the curve, but some would lose their board and tumble into the straw bales placed to block them from going screaming off the edge, while their boards would go in an opposite direction. Coming down toward us, they’d have to negotiate a tight right switchback turn, and then continue down and negotiate a tight left turn to the finish line. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. These were practice runs for the actual race on Sunday. To get an idea of how intense this is…. Check this link out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aLA567pJdk The actual still photos do it no justice…

On our way back down from Guanella Pass, we stopped for lunch, and once we were into cell service range, Maryanne called…she took one of the dogs out and had found the suspect in “The Great Corn on The Cob Heist”….yep, one of the Berners had gotten herself onto the counter and absconded with 5 ears of uncooked corn, cob and all. Smart dog—not only getting at it, but not leaving a single kernel behind. Somehow, that dog knew that there were six of us, and leaving behind 3 ears would work-that we could simply break the others in half and still have enough to go around… Once back at the house, Mark and I napped when we got back and almost slept through the most important event of the day—Alana was skating her interpretive in the Colorado Cup. We thankfully woke up just in time to make it to the rink, and watched as she placed 1st!!! She skated beautifully and we loved watching her. Even in the short time we last saw her skate, back in April/May, she’s progressed markedly, and her 1st place finish was well deserved. One of these days, we hope to come back out and watch Bella compete in gymnastics too…we’ve seen her practice askand she also has talents that will take her far!
Our plan was to leave first thing Sunday morning and head to Rocky Mountain National Park on our next stop on our journey…Alana had another skating event that morning, and RMNP was only a few hours away, so we decided we’d hook up and pack up and just take the RV to the rink, watch her skate again, and head out from there, so that’s what we did. Again, she skated strong, and this time placed 5 out of 6. And it was time for us to say goodbye. It was bittersweet to say the least. But we will definitely be back, either in the RV or otherwise. And next time, we’ll know better than to leave corn out on the counter…..

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