Hello, and Welcome!!

We are Janice & Mark and we currently reside just outside of Charleston, SC. We are those “Damn Yankees”…the ones who come down from the North with a UHaul and stay. We transplanted here in 2009, coming from Guilford, CT.

And we are “wanderers”…we wander here, wander there, always on the lookout for something new and different that we hadn’t seen before. And we are hobbyist photographers. We are firm believers in the thought that “All Who Wander Are Not Lost”…except with a bit of a twist…”All Who Wander With A Camera Are Not Lost”.

In Oct 2015, we took our first RV trip, and our first trip West. A rental out of Las Vegas, and a loop that took us to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Page AZ, Bryce, Zion, and due to a botched tour reservation(their botch, not ours), back to Page and the GC, and then back to Vegas. An amazing trip, and we pretty much were “bit” by the RV bug.

On our way back into Vegas on that trip we stopped for gas, and I called my Dad who was 94 and I think more excited about our adventure than we were, to let him know we were pretty much “off the road” and safe and sound, heading back to Vegas and would be flying home to SC as planned the following Sunday, and I’d call him Monday or Tuesday and fill him in on all the details. Didn’t get the chance on Monday but promised myself Tuesday. Early on Tuesday morning, got “the” call we all dread….Dad was gone. He was out riding his bike, as he did every morning, and had a stroke/heart attack. He went as he wanted-quickly and painlessly, riding his bike, which he loved to do. And i’m ok with that, although I regret not getting to talk to him about our trip. As things settled out, we were all granted a meager inheritance from his estate, with very strict instructions-we were to use these funds to do something we might not have been able to do on our own dime, and we couldn’t “co mingle” our funds with our household accounts-couldn’t pay off bills or our mortgages, or similar-it had to be something “above and beyond” the day to day stuff. Fast forward to today-my siblings and I are working to fulfill his wishes, each of us in our own ways.   Mark and I will fulfill ours this Saturday-as we take possession of our 2017 Thor Windsport 29M. After we got home from the dealer, I sat on our back porch, in no way having second thoughts, but still wondering if we had done the right thing, as anyone would do after a large purchase. And I asked Dad for a “sign” that what we’d done made him happy and he was ok with it..and glanced up, and saw a bright red Cardinal flitting the trees, along with its mate. From the time I noticed him, until it got dark, they were in the trees, but always in sight. It is said that cardinals are “visitors from Heaven”. So, there was my sign…and both he and my mom will be with us on every single turn of the tires.

Thanks for instilling the “wanderlust” and “adventure” in me, Dad.  And thank you for affording us this opportunity.

We miss you and love you both, always.

Aside from seeing the sights along the way, obviously with our passion for photography, we plan on taking photos. LOTS of photos. So, come along on our ongoing adventure and see where it takes us…the list is getting longer and longer, so who knows where we’ll end up!

Hopefully, this will be the first of a bunch of entries. We’re still getting back into the hang of the WordPress thing, but we think it will work out!!

Jan & Mark