Antelope Canyon Pt 2

Sept 29, 2015 So, I may have taken a turn here…and decided that our trip to Antelope Canyon deserved it’s own page….hopefully once we get home, I’ll sit down and “reorder” things on the site to something a little easier to follow… We returned to Page, AZ on Monday the 28th […]

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Night Photo Tour-Zion

9/27/2015 On of our “scheduled” items on this trip was a night sky photo tour in Zion with Seth Hamel from Enlighten Photography.  We originally planned it for Saturday night, but once we found out that Sunday night was to be a “double header” of a lunar eclipse and a […]

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Hello, and Welcome!! We are Janice & Mark and we currently reside just outside of Charleston, SC. We are those “Damn Yankees”…the ones who come down from the North with a UHaul and stay. We transplanted here in 2009, coming from Guilford, CT. And we are “wanderers”…we wander here, wander […]