The ride from Olathe to Moab was pretty uneventful for the most part.  I only say that because it wasn’t that long, maybe 2 hours or so not counting stops at various  view pulloffs….and uneventful as we had no issues…the mesas and things began to turn redder and more colorful as we traveled…a sure sign we were getting closer.  The speed limit when we crossed into Utah jumped to 80(!) but as always, we try to keep it at around 65…the tires on the RV are only rated for like 70mph tops, so we plugged along on the right and had cars and 18-wheelers flying past us.  What I found weird was that for some reason, we weren’t feeling the “draft push” from them.  Probably because it was like they were just flying by, their draft current just didn’t have a chance to catch up.  Mark did see something we had never seen before–an 18 wheel truck pulling not one or two, but THREE full length boxes…we’ve seen a few doubles here and there, but three!!

The GPS was leading us out I70 and getting off to 191 to Moab.  But, as always, we’re always up for some wandering, and we saw a highway sign that said we could also get there via UT128.  So, I pulled out the truckers atlas we carry to see if the road was do-able for the RV and it was.  Although it started out pretty mundane, all I can say is if you are ever out this way…take the exit for UT128.  You won’t regret it…it’s like one of those movies that starts out slow, but when it “catches” you, it’s incredible…hardly any traffic and the cliffs and buttes and mesas are amazing to see.  Not to mention the colors…OMG the colors…. 128 at one point brought us to a point where we were traveling alongside the Colorado River, right into downtown Moab and every even slight curve or rise in the road  was another spectacular view.  There were’nt enough pull offs to just sit in awe of it all.

When we got into Moab proper, there was a pull off and we stopped and decided it was time to find a campground…we checked out a bunch online, but reviews (and prices) were all over the map…I’m sorry, but $75/night for a campground, although I’m sure a very nice campground, just wasn’t in the cards-we’re not “resort camping people”.  Give us a place to park the rig, plug in, that has clean showers and grounds, and we’re good.  We’re not there much anyway.  So, we decided to opt for what was familiar…and returned to the same campground we had stayed at about a year ago–Moab Rim Camp Park.  It’s right on 191, so it can be a bit noisy with the truck traffic going by, but the views from here are so worth it–we have sunrise over the mountains (if you look beyond the road) and sunset over the reddest cliffs behind us.  It would have been nice to be further back in the park and might have been a tad quieter, but the sites along the front are the only ones that could accommodate us on size and hookups.  We definitely hit on a bonus when we joined Passport America, a kind of AAA thing–you pay a membership, and the participating vendor gives you a discount.  Ours has paid for itself at this point…A ~$45 dollar a night campsite became $25 for 3 of the nights we’re here…and then it was bonus time–because we’d stayed previously, they discounted us again, so $25 became something like $22.  Not bad!!

Our friend Norm, who we traveled with a bit earlier from Florida to Texas has now joined us again–this time, he’s delivering a truck from CT to Las Vegas, so he stopped in for the weekend…arriving shortly after us on Saturday, and departing Monday(today).  We went out Saturday night for a good dinner at a local brewery,  and hung out admiring the view before turning in…  And we did our “karma deposit” for the day–there was an older couple in the site next to us, and they had lost their a/c…so we offered them our small electric fan, to at least try to make things a little more comfortable for them on the overnight.  It gets a bit deceiving here…evenings are wonderfully comfortable and breezy…but during the day, even with the breezes, if the sun is out, it’s out strong and the heat inside an RV builds quickly…they were very thankful for the loan since it at least kept it comfortable.

I know I’ve been lax with photos, and hopefully will get that figured out soon.  Trust me when I say they don’t do it justice–the colors or the depths of view just don’t translate.  They just don’t.

Norm departs for Vegas sometime this morning, and Mark and I will probably go off for more exploring…debating on renting a jeep again and going off road or possibly a float trip on the Colorado River….or maybe just some wandering….who knows what the day will bring….but we’re definitely in God’s country–and he wasn’t stingy with the paint colors!!!




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